Tinder – the perks of online dating

We are after all in the 21st century, and I live in a city where men are everything but courageous when it comes to “picking up” girls, so I might as well explore if behind a screen things are looking up.
I just installed tinder, the worldwide online matching app sensation. Made an appealing (my opinion) profile, and here we go.
How does it work? You can choose a distance and age range, and one by one, matching profiles start popping up, and you must like or not like. So far so good, simple enough.
I already have a reputation for “picky”, and more than one friend told me at some point “lower your standards or you’re going to end up a spinster”. I used to laugh at this, but at this age, I might be starting to believe there is some truth to it.
Ready, set (comfortably on my sofa), go! Uf, a picture of a guy with his (I presume) mother. Not like, mommy’s boy is a no no. Next! A cropped picture but some blonde long hair still manages to stay in the pic. Seriously, you don’t have a picture without your (I presume again) ex in it? Clingy! Next! Too many tattoos, next! Fat (I am sorry, no no again for me), next! This time a sportive type, no shirt and the bathing pants lowered so we can see the work of art (those 6 pack abs he worked hard for, that is). I don’t need to see a 6 pack on full display in a bathroom mirror selfie. Congrats on those abs, mr narcissist, but no thanks. Next. A profile picture showing an independentist flag. I’m sorry, am I on the wrong site? I thought we are supposed to show ourselves, or is this extreme patriotism who you are, you are no longer an individual but a part of a region trying to be independent?I am looking for a date with one guy, not a country, not to mention I find boring this topic, neeeext! Oh, a normal one! Looking attractive, no nudity, no mother in the profile picture, no blonde in sight. Like! Hmmm, he apparently clicked like as well, there is a chat opening up. Starting here, anything can happen, the good, the bad and/or the ugly.
And so on and so forth. I have discarded countless (freak, mama’s boy, naked, hang up on the ex, crazy, narcissist, ugly(sorry!!), crazy eyes, too strong political views, married guys looking for hook-ups, and the list can go on, but i have “liked” a few I actually found interesting.
I am in the chatting phase right now, have not seen any in person so far, but I’m willing to give it a shot.
I’ll be back!

P.S. @tindafella, on instagram, seems to be my soulmate! πŸ˜‚. Big πŸ‘ to you man! Yes, it seems we are all freaks…


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